Speaking In Code: exclusive trailer

By terry church

Beatportal has been given an exclusive video trailer for the forthcoming electronic music video documentary Speaking In Code. We caught up with the documentary’s producer and director Amy Grill to find out more about her pet project, which goes deep into the subculture of electronic music.

Why make a documentary about underground electronic music?

“Speaking in Code is a documentary that follows DJs, producers, promoters and journalists as they both struggle and find success.

“There has never been an electronic music documentary before this one that has gone this deep into this world and in a very real way.

“We are editing down 235 hours of intimate and sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, verite and interview footage that shows what it is really like to be living a life guided by electronic music.

“I wanted to make a documentary that broke stereotypes and told a real story about people who make, promote, play, distribute and love electronic music.

“Speaking in Code has a beginning, a middle and an end, but it is also representative on some level of all electronic music culture.”

What did you learn about electronic music whilst making Speaking In Code?

“I learned a little about everything – the process of making a track, hardware, software, digital versus analog, club culture, various electronic music lifestyles, the business of electronic music, and my way around a few cities in Europe but more than anything I came to understand in a very real way what drives people to live their entire lives for music – addiction.

“Addiction to the sounds: the bass drum, the high hat, the snare.

“It’s an addiction to the feeling a track gives you that won’t let go – that won’t let you stop dancing or won’t let you stop listening. 

“I have loved electronic music for a long time, but I after being immersed in electronic music culture in a more intense way alongside the people living electronic music lifestyles (while we were shooting the documentary) I have a much deeper understanding of why people fall in love with music.”

Why do you think there are so many people worldwide who are embracing electronic music culture?

“Aside from the obvious answer that there is a lot of good electronic music out there these days (and also still a lot of copycat and cookie cutter tracks as well) cultural shifts, media overload, overstimulus, and the pervasive presence of technology are all possibilities for why people are embracing electronic music culture.

“It is an escape from the world that still acknowledges technology.

“Electronic music can push the boundaries of music while also inciting people to dance.

“And it’s fun to love electronic music when there are so many beautiful venues with great DJs and producers performing worldwide.

“Part of it can certainly be traced to organisers and promoters becoming more organised with social networking and communication technology and thus capable of putting on larger festivals and shows that draw larger crowds.”

Do you think dance music can change the world?

“I believe that there certainly can be a palpable Utopian vibe that floats over some mass and even small gatherings (open air raves, festivals, watching your favorite DJ or producer perform), but is that going to translate into world changing global unity and peace? No.

“It does however promote a global sense of community and a sense of belonging for people who love electronic music.

“The DIY spirit of techno did change the music industry and thus the world on some level.

“One person was/is able to create all of their music without paying for expensive studio time and without a major label marketing, promotion and distribution machine behind them.

“With the advent and availability of technology and new independent distribution there is no longer the need for major corporations.

“I should be clear that Speaking in Code is not all about global unity and peace through dance music – it is much more grounded and based on the realities of living an electronic music lifestyle – although fans might get a sense of utopia through some of the sequences we’ve shot.

“I think we do a good job at capturing that heart pounding feeling of entering a club or a large festival as the music is building the closer you get.”

Speaking In Code is work in a progress, with an expected release date sometime in 2008