Danny Tenaglia’s new ‘Dibiza’ remixes

By zack rico

New York house hero Danny Tenaglia [a] reveals a darker, more electro side to his infectious personality on ‘Dibiza 2007′, which are remixes of his 2006 release that urged electronic music to ‘bring back the drums’.

As a purveyor of chunky tribal-led house Danny Tenaglia no doubt suffered a little bit with electronic music’s current infatuation for all things bleepy and minimal, but on this updated remix Tenaglia manages to fuse the two camps together.

There’s loads of percussion and bongos and a latino guitar-led breakdown, but there’s also a simple electro bassline (it’s track No.3 on the release below).

Soulful yet understated, the track is sure to blow up on Ibiza’s terraces.

“I, Danny Tenaglia, am committed to dance music for all eternity,” old DT wrote on his Myspace biography. Bless you, Danny!