Sasha Remix Competition: Winners!

By christen reutens

A winner has finally been chosen for the Sasha [a] ‘Mongoose’ remix competition.

Altogether we received 600 remixes, with the vast majority of them being of a high standard.

A team of Beatport staff whittled down the 600 remixes to a shortlist of 20 finalists that were then sent onto Sasha.

Sasha and his studio engineers then listened to each remix carefully in his studio, and after much discussion, came up with these three remix winners.

Winner – Logiztik Sounds Remix

Uruguay-based producer Nicolas Silvano’s Logiztik Sounds remix impressed Sasha the most with its clever rearrangement of the original ‘Mongoose’ samples, that were mixed together with his own beats and melodies.

Silvano also applied a minimal aesthetic to the track, creating an intricate, uplifiting version of ‘Mongoose’.

His remix will be released on Sasha’s own EmFire records in the near future.

Congratulations Nicolas Silvano!

2nd Place – Beware of the Dub Monster Remix

Australian Drew Harris turned ‘Mongoose’ from a dancefloor focused track into a beautiful chill out symphony, that bordered on dub step at times.

His very leftfield approach meant his remix stood out from the rest.

3rd Place – Black It Out Remix

George Reyna’s Black It Out remix replaced the four to the floor kick drum with glitchy breakbeat and rhythmic loops, but it also made good use of the trancey pads and main synth to create a euphoric, FX-charged track with a huge breakdown.

Congratulations to all three finalists.