Hi I’m Dubfire. Sorry dude, never heard of you.

By terry church

He may have reinvented himself as the lord of dark techno, but Dubfire [a] from Deep Dish couldn’t do anything to persuade the door man at The Fifth in South Beach, Miami last night to let him in.

Dubfire was just in front of Beatportal last night, trying to get into the club.

The Fifth is a bit of a trendy spot being a wannabe New York loft style art deco space, so despite protestations that he really was Dubfire, he got turned away.

It must be really infuriating to actually be somebody and still get turned away by a clueless doorman.

So for Dubfire’s sake (we love him), here’s some pics of Dubfire for all the door whores out there who don’t know who he is.

We also added a Dubfire audio player so you can familiarize yourself with his music.