WMC interview: Davide Squillace

By terry church

Beatportal just sat down with the lovely Italian producer and DJ Davide Squillace [a].

Yesterday Davide played back to back with Dubfire at the Beatport pool party, and their set rocked.

We’re a huge fan of Davide Squillace’s sick minimal techno productions, and the fact that he’s resident DJ of Circoloco at DC10 in Ibiza makes him one of the most important DJs in underground dance music.

Here’s a quick interview with Davide.

You’re resident DJ of Circoloco at DC10 in Ibiza. How did you hook up with the Circoloco crew?

The guys from Circoloco called me up and said they liked my records and wanted me to play for them.

It was a honour of course, as Circoloco is the best club in the world.

The crowd are totally into the music, and cheer at every hi hat and every kick drum.

The soundsystem is amazing too. And for me, the most important thing for a club is to have a good crowd and good soundsystem. DC10 has both.

The only problem with playing DC10 is that all other clubs are pale in comparison. It’s a special place.

You played back to back with Dubfire yesterday at the Beatport pool party in Miami. How did you two hook up?

Dubfire is a really down-to-earth guy. He emailed me and said he was a fan of my music, so we started talking.

He said it would be fun to play together, so we decided to do something.

It’s funny because I first saw Dubfire DJing in Napoli, my hometown, I was still at school.

He used to be know for house and progressive house, whilst I’ve always been into techno.

But now, I’m playing more house, and he’s gone totally techno so we’ve swapped.

He’s an easy person to get along with, a smart businessman, and there’s never any bullshit with him. Which is refreshing considering he’s a big name.

How many sets have you played back to back?

We’ve done two so far. Playing back to back is fun, but you do lose some control over the music obviously.

We play off two laptops running Traktor Scratch. I use FaderFox MIDI controllers too, which are pretty good.

The FaderFox is a good MIDI controller, but the buttons are a little too close together.

Anyway, we manage to create a good groove together, and that’s the most important thing.

We’re big fans of your productions here at Beatportal. ‘Sukkin Mutik’ is one of our favourite ever minimal tracks. Please tell us more about your production style.

I guess you could call it funky techno, I don’t know though. I hate pigeonholing stuff.

I’ve been producing since I was 20, so for ten years I’ve been making tracks.

I get inspiration for tracks from the strangest of situations.

The other day, I fell over and smashed my arm on the floor and it made a really cool sound.

I thought ‘hey, that’s a cool sound, I should make it’, so I went in the studio and tried for ages to make a similar sound.

I got there in the end, but it took a long time.

What’s your studio set up like?

I used to be all analogue. Then I went all digital. But then loads of producers starting using the same software and presets, so I’ve now gone back to analogue to make sounds, which I then process and arrange on computers.

My studio sounds like analogue, but it’s powered by computers.

What new releases have you got coming up?

I’ve got a new release on Dubfire’s Sci+Tech label coming out soon, and it’s pretty housey.

I’ve been asked to do loads of remixes recently which I’ve unfortunately had to turn down because I want to concentrate on my own productions.