Mr Oizo to release new album through Ed Banger

By Beatport News Editors

French electro wonk-star Mr. Oizo [a] is set to release his latest LP ‘Lambs Anger’ through Ed Banger Records.

Most immediately famed for ‘Flat Beat’, his Levis commercial featured track, new album ‘Lambs Anger’ follows on from ‘Moustache Half a Scissor’ in 2005 and ‘Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog’ both for Laurent Garnier’s F Comm label.

His relationship with Ed Banger [a] can be traced back to last year when his releases for the label fell nicely in line with the colliding worlds of indie and electro-leaning dance music, or indie dance as it is affectionately known by ‘the kids’.

The first single will be ‘Postif’ which will ship with remixes from Mr Flash and LFO.

‘Lambs Anger’ tracklist

01. ‘Hun’

02. ‘Pourriture 2’

03. ‘Z’

04. ‘Cut Dick’

05. ‘Two Takes It’

06. ‘Rank’

07. ‘Bruce Willis is Dead’

08. ‘Jo’

09. ‘Positif’

10. ‘Lambs Anger’

11. ‘Erreur Jean’

12. ‘Steroïds’

13. ‘Gay Dentists’

14. ‘Pourriture 7’

15. ‘W’

16. ‘Lars Von Sen’

17. ‘Blind Concerto’

‘Lambs Anger’ will released through Ed Banger Records on January 12th 2009.