Franz Ferdinand ‘Ulysses’ remix competition

By Beatport News Editors

Scottish indie dance group Franz Ferdinand [a] has teamed up with Beatportal to challenge aspiring producers to remix a forthcoming track from their new album.

But in a twist that the band hopes will lead to more unique and diverse remixes, the original of ‘Ulysses’ is not being made available to contestants as it will only be released in January.

The idea is to create a hotpot of remixes that are not tainted by the direction and mood of the original version.

Franz Ferdinand’s lead vocalist Alex Kapranos told Beatportal that the band “want to be surprised by the geniuses out there that no one has heard of yet.”

As well as having their remix released on Domino Records, the winner will also receive 500€. Not bad.

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The method

Two remix parts are available to download for free, and there’s also a premium bundle for sale for $3.99 containing all the parts to ‘Ulysses’.

Participants are free to remix the track into whatever genre they like, and the top remix will be released on Domino Records.

As usual, the Beatport and Beatportal community will have the chance to vote for the best submitted remixes by ‘spinning’ their favorites.

Download the ‘Ulysses’ free parts

Download the ‘Ulysses’ premium parts

The Franz Ferdinand ‘Ulysses’ remix contest has three phases:

1. November 4th – November 18, 2008 – Download phase – Download the remix parts, and get remixing.

2. November 11th – November 25, 2008 – Upload/Submission phase – Upload your remix to Beatportal at During this phase the entries can be listened to, but not voted for. The remix parts will still be available to download during this phase.

3. November 25th – December 9, 2008 – Voting phase – The public votes for their favorite remixes by ‘spinning’ them.

Franz Ferdinand like a good challenge

After a period of deliberation, the winners will be announced on December 29, 2008.

The grand prize winner will receive a Native Instruments Traktor Pro, their remix released on Domino Records, 500€ from Domino Records, a $100 Beatport gift card, and a Beatport gift bag full of Beatport goods.

Competition Rules

1. Download the remix parts to ‘Ulysses’. There are two free parts available that are not part of the premium package, and also a premium package containing all of the parts to ‘Ulysses’ for $3.99 USD.

Please note: The contest is being judged on originality of remix, not sound quality. You do not need to download the WAV files to enter the remix contest, unless of course you want to.

2. Remix the track into your chosen style. All genres are welcome.

3. Submit your remix to Beatportal’s remix website. All entries must include full contact details, telephone number and postal address. Note: If your submission is not accepted, your file is too large. Your MP3 is limited to no more than 10 MB in size.

4. The download phase begins November 4, 2008.

5. The submission phase of the ‘’Ulysses’ Remix Competition starts on November 11, 2008 12.01am MST and ends on November 25, 2008 at 11.59pm MST.

6. The voting phase of the ‘Ulysses’ Remix Competition starts on November 25, 2008 at 12.01am MST and ends on December 9, 2008 at 11.59pm MST.

7. Five remixes will be submitted as voted for by the Beatportal community, along with five remixes selected by Beatport staff, from which one winner will be chosen by Domino Records and Franz Ferdinand and announced on Beatportal on December 29, 2008.

8. Tracks using uncleared samples from sources outside of these ‘Ulysses’ parts will be disqualified.

9. All remixes submitted for this contest become the legal property of Domino Records.

10. All trademarks and logos are protected. All rights of the producer and the owner of the recorded work are reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of this record, remix or remix parts is prohibited.

11. You may upload your remix to MySpace and other online sites but it must be clearly named as a ‘Ulysses’ remix competition entry’ eg:

Artist: Franz Ferdinand

Track: ‘Ulysses’

Remix Title: DJ XY’s Remix Competition Entry

Label: White Label

Grand Prize

Native Instruments Traktor Pro (Traktor 3 with free digital upgrade)

Track released on Domino Records

500€ from Domino Records

$100 Beatport gift card

Beatport gift bag