Dave Dresden reveals new partnership

By terry church

Today Beatportal spoke to Dave Dresden who revealed that since the split of Gabriel & Dresden [a] last April, he’s been “going at a gingerly pace and has been in no rush to release music”. Dresden was speaking from the studio of Mikael Johnston in Oakland, California, as he recently formed a new studio partnership with the Mephisto Odyssey [a] man.

While Josh Gabriel [a] has released a string of big room tracks on his own new label Different Pieces [l], and dropped a solo album (‘Eight’) since the break up, Dresden has remained very quiet, but with a new remix for Lily Allen due out next Tuesday from Dresden & Johnston all that is set to change.

“Of all the collaborations that I’ve done since the split, my work with Mikael is the first that has actually bore fruit,” he says. “I worked very closely with one person for seven years so I’m taking my time, getting used to working with other people again. I’m also learning how to use Logic.”

Gabriel & Dresden’s relationship, like many musical pairings, involved the melding of different skill sets.

Gabriel was the self-confessed tech junkie, who knew everything there was to know about production and hardware, while Dave Dresden was a skillful DJ who had an affinity for song writing and lyrics.

That explains why Gabriel was quick out of the gates with a torrent of releases in 2008, while Dresden has been taking his time, trying to find his feet and his studio geek.

Lily Allen remix

Dresden & Johnston’s first output will be released next Tuesday, a remix of British pop starlet Lily Allen’s new single ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’.

I’ve definitely not abandoned the creed of Gabriel & Dresden, which is to make dancefloor tracks that are also songs

Their radio friendly dance remix is “almost the exact opposite of Mephisto Odyssey’s music,” says Johnston, but there are obvious similarities between the sound and the previous work of Gabriel & Dresden.

Dresden confirms that “I’ve definitely not abandoned the creed of Gabriel & Dresden, which is to make dancefloor tracks that are also songs.”

What’s in it for Johnston? “I get to do song writing which I can’t do with Mephisto Odyssey,” he says. “Plus working with Dave, the lyrics have to have meaning and that is exciting for both of us because we can try to say something poignant.”

Dave and Mikael have been working together for a couple of months already, and are starting to discover ‘their’ sound, which is “definitely emotional”.

David Penner collaboration

The pair’s first original track is a duet, which is first for both of artists. They’re also working with the musician David Penner, who has previously collaborated with Josh Gabriel under the moniker Andain.

It is still early days yet, but with Dresden & Johnston already remixing the likes of Lily Allen, they could become a major dance music act in 2009.

When asked if they’ll be performing together at Miami’s Winter Music Conference next month, they answer “no, at least we don’t have any plans to”, but their agent pipes in “Yes they will”.