Weekend Weapons…Dinky

By terry church

Every week Alejandra Iglesias goes digging. Sometimes the search takes the whole day. She hopes for something unique, profound, beautiful, or personal. And the longer she combs, the more chance she has of finding it.

She has her favourite places to look for music that touches her. Rotation Records, Freebase, Hardwax, and Beatport are seas for her to sift through. For 10 years Iglesias has DJed professionally under her childhood nickname Dinky [a], and even though times and horizons have changed, and technology and equipment have evolved, the same hunt and the same hunger remains.

In this specially extended Weekend Weapons, Chilean-born Dinky talks about 12 of her most important club-focused records over a glass of iced tea in her apartment in Berlin.

Vlad Caia ‘Chango’ [Horizontal Music]

Vlad Caia is a 23 year old guy from Romania, who now lives in Norway, and this is his first ever release. It’s on my label Horizontal. Loco Dice has just licensed it for his ‘10 Years of Cocoon’ compilation which is great.

His production isn’t quite there yet, as he’s still only young, but the feeling of the record is really nice and more lo-fi, so we had to put it out.

We’ve only put out one record this year on Horizontal, as vinyl is hard to sell these days, so we are very picky about what we put out. We do 500 pressings these days.

The vocals are Cuban, and it’s got some really nice Cuban drums in it, and although this is not an obvious rave record, it works in big rooms too.

Norm Talley ‘The Journey’ [Third Ear Recordings]

‘The Journey’ is a very Panorama Bar record. I played it last Sunday and it was pretty amazing. It’s quite slow, so I normally pitch it up when I play it. I don’t know much about Norm Talley but it says here [looking on the internet] that he’s a 40 year old guy from Detroit.

That doesn’t surprise me, because it’s an amazing record that sounds a lot like Soundstream. It’s a record that evolves very very slowly, with big tribal drums that get taken over by a simple disco chord over time. I’m really into these kind of drums, because of my Latin American heritage. There’s a lot of 909 and 727 sounds on here which I love.

The B side ‘In Yo Soul’ is really great too, an analogue work out with male vocals and phat drums. You can hear just from the sounds he’s using that he’s been around the block many times.

Plus because it’s a 10-inch, you know that it’s a big release for Third Ear as 10-inches cost almost three times as much to press. On the record it sadly says ‘Dedicated to my mother Sylvia Talley’ who passed away last year.

A note on Norm Talley’s ‘The Journey’ states:  “Dedicated to my mother Sylvia Talley 2008 R.I.P.”

Cabin Fever ‘Don’t You Know?’ [Rekids]

I’m really into Matt Edwards’ Cabin Fever stuff, which are all limited edition vinyl-only pressings. This one is purple vinyl. When I played this at Panorama Bar someone came up to me and handed me a note that said, “Don’t you know, this is made for P. Bar? Love Dinky.”

It’s got these female Chicago-style vocals, and it’s pretty gritty low-fi house music. I love this stuff as I grew up on a lot of these sounds.

Carl Craig ‘Throw’ was one of my first ever records. I used to be really into Armand Van Helden pre ‘Flowerz’, and Roger Sanchez and Junior Sanchez. I’m really happy that Sneak is having a come back at the moment as I have all of his old stuff too.

Interceptor ‘Together’ [Murk Records]

Dinky’s most cherished cut ‘Together’

This is one of my most cherished records. It’s from 1989 and I’ve had it on vinyl since I was 21 years old. I had to buy it again as my old copy was wearing out. Plus it was pressed in America, and American vinyl never seems to last as long as the European vinyl.

It’s a very girly record and I remember Dr. Motte used to play this – it was on his mix tapes. It’s made by the Miami house guys Oscar G and Ralph Falcon.

It’s a very hard record to play out as it was made pre computer days, so the beats aren’t quite in sync and drift out. I love the Roland drum machines, and you can hear the 727 in this record.

Joss Moog ‘Drivin’ On Up’ [Robsoul Recordings]

I’m a sucker for Rhodes synths. I love all the Moodymann stuff, although this record is a bit more hi-fi. It’s a classic house sound, and also has a disco feeling.

I have always been into disco stuff, as it creates a nice feeling at parties. When you play music like this, you imagine big wooden floors and big disco balls. It’s got that sexy disco feeling.

This is on Robsoul, who I always buy digitally, because it’s one of those labels where the record comes out on Monday and it’s already sold out by Tuesday. I’m always too late to the record store.

D Dub ‘Do That Rhymin Thang’ [Noir Music]

I just bought this record the other day, and it worked really well at Panorama Bar on Sunday. It’s great house music, with a strong feeling and it’s a great tool.

I love male vocals over house beats, I don’t know why. I like girl vocals too, but these kind of male vocals sound so cool in a club. This record is very well produced too.

Dinky’s much loved Fender Rhodes Mark 1 stage piano

Chris Simmonds ‘I Changed My Mind’ [Cross Section]

This is another disco cut. And it has got that nice warm Rhodes sound also. I have a Rhodes in my studio upstairs. I bought it off this guy in New York, who sent it to me in Berlin, but when it got here it was absolutely smashed up. So he sent me a new one, but it took about five months to get it.

I love how in this record, the beat suddenly gets all jumbled up and confuses you. And it’s got a diva talking. I love those ladies, you imagine her to be this big mama.

Wally Callerio ‘I Remember’ (Wally Callerio’s Dubtacular Mix) [Motion Music]

This is a strange track and at first I was scared to play this on the floor as it’s a little bit close to the edge of cheese.

I played it to my fiancé Matthew Styles, who’s also a DJ, and he wasn’t so sure about it either. But I played it last Sunday at Panorama Bar and he gave me the thumbs up. It worked really well on the floor, and the soulful female vocal is really nice.

It’s pretty poppy but I like it. I have a feeling the vocal is a bootleg, but I’m not sure.

A duster stands guard over Dinky’s studio equipment

Dinky & Matthew Styles ‘Choices’ [Diamonds & Pearls]

This is the first track that me and my fiancé have ever made together. We weren’t sure if working together was going to work, because you never know if there’s going to be fights.

I had wanted to buy an EMS vocoder for ages, but they’re about 3000 euros and Matthew was like ‘no way, I’ll show you how to get the same sound on the computer’. I was skeptical at first but he was right, and we used the sound in this track.

It’s a very deep record, and I normally play it during warm up sets.

RV. feat. Los Updates ‘Baile’ [Sei Es Drum]

This is a Ricardo Villalobos record, and it’s on his vinyl-only label Sei Es Drum.

If it was available digitally, it would probably do very well because it’s such an amazing record.

It’s a cover of an old famous 1980s pop song from our country, which was originally made by a band called Emociones Clandestinas.

It was my favourite record when I was a little girl, so it’s very funny to hear to the remake.

The song is about how there’s this new style of dance, but the guy singing didn’t know about it as he doesn’t watch the news.

Then the vocals go on about how ‘people are doing the dance at afterhours’ and ‘everyone is dancing on Ketamine, but I don’t do Ketamine’. It’s very funny, because they changed the vocals a little for the remake.

I’ve known Los Updates for many years, and he sings on this record. Argenis Britto, who is on Cadenza, is playing live bass on the track.

The B side ‘Caminando’ is amazing too, but I didn’t want to highlight it because it samples a very important Brazilian track that was around during the revolution there. It’s a very important record to the Brazilian people, and there’s been quite a lot of controversy surrounding the track. But I think Reboot did a beautiful job of it and did it justice.

[Dinky plays the B side, and for a moment looks quite sad. The track is poetic.]

When the beat comes back in after the vocal, people go crazy in the club.

Even Lufthansa consider Dinky’s record bag ‘hot’. (In airline speak, it means ‘fast transfer’)

Patrick Specke ‘Hoola’s Dancing’ [Desolat]

I don’t know who Patrick Specke is, but this is really nice deep house.

It’s got a really nice groove to it, with male vocals, and I guess you could call it modern deep house.

I respect the Desolat guys, Martin and Dice, a lot.

Loco always licenses tracks from my Horizontal label for his compilations, and I respect him for highlighting new producers.

Robert Dietz ‘Witness’ [Running Back]

The vocal on this is insane, and it’s just a really good track. Dietz is, of course, doing some really good stuff at the moment.

I don’t know where the vocal comes from, but it’s got another male vocal. As you can probably tell by now, I love male vocals.

Vinyl as far as the eye can see: Dinky’s DJ room