DJ chart: Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore

By zack rico

If you’ve seen electronic music pioneers Depeche Mode play live, you’ll know that their pre show music tends to feature mainly contemporary techno.

What you may not know though, is that the band’s Martin Gore selects all the pre show tunes himself, as he’s a huge fan of electronic music and likes to program the night as if it were a DJ set.

It is with some excitement then, that we present to you Martin Gore’s first ever DJ chart on Beatport.

Considering Depeche Mode have influenced so many dance music artists and DJs during their 30 year career, it is fascinating to see what interests them now.

As one might guess, Martin Gore’s chart focuses on the dark melodic side of techno, with underground producers featured alongside more established names like Minus’ Hobo, and Drumcode’s Adam Beyer.

Tokyo’s Yasuharu Motomiya grabs the No.1 spot with a drifting emotional techno cut on Grain Records. Sozonov’s edgy minimal rework of Russian producer Vavinchi’s ‘Astronaut’ follows at No.2.

There are hypnotic late night techno excursions from Wade Bennet and Haito Goepfrich, as well as wonky techno offerings from Rodriguez Jr. and Hobo.

Benny Knox’ engaging ‘Bass Rage’ completes the DJ chart, which all in all, leans right into the future (it’s quite amazing to think Depeche Mode are still in touch with the bleeding edge of electronic music, despite forming all the way back in 1980).

You can listen to Martin Gore’s DJ chart below (NOTE: the order of the chart is only correct on Beatport).