Taste Test: Jan Driver

By Beatport News Editors

Jan Driver [a] settles into our hot seat to detail his childhood listening habits, current preferences, and occasional quirks, in the latest installment of our Taste Test series. Head of Grand Petrol Recordings and a familiar face on labels like Made To Play [l] and Boysnoize Records [l], the Berlin-based musician has just released a new EP, “Gain Reaction,” featuring four heavy, heavy techno bangers, but with a twist: all four cuts, but the title track and particularly “CS40M” are slower than you might be used to hearing from the Boysnoize label and their electro-techno peers. The results are deliciously, deliriously woozy, making up what they lack in velocity with anti-gravity bounce and an evil acid vibe.

Read on for the full interview.

Jan Driver, “Gain Reaction” [Boysnoize]

Jan Driver, “CS40M” [Boysnoize]

What was the first record you remember having as a child?

The East German “Sandman” TV Theme as a plastic foil postcard record, sent to my by my Grandfather. I still have it!

What was the first record you bought with your own money?

Could be Polygon Window’s Surfing on Sinewaves [Warp].

Which style or genre of music was your first great love?

Generic radio music from the ‘80s.

How have your musical tastes changed since you were a teenager?

From the ‘80s and disco stuff to industrial to hardcore to electronic/trance/ambient/downbeat, then to house/techno/jazz and later spreading in all other directions, like funk, hip hop, rock, and so on… whichever genre delivers a good song!

The older I get, the more open I am.

What was the last record (or MP3) you bought?

The last two Little Dragon albums on CD—superb stuff!!!

How many tracks/records do you typically acquire every week—both promos & purchases?

Whoooaaaaaaaa – I don’t know.

What format do you DJ with – vinyl, CD, Traktor/Serato, Ableton, etc…?

CDs and vinyl.

Your three favorite tracks at the moment?

James Blake, “Limit to Your Love” [Atlas]

Siriusmo, “Programchild”

Bart B More, “Brap” [Boysnoize Records]

Three favorite classic tracks?

Björk “All is Full of Love” [Elektra] and the video…!

Black Keys, “Set you free”

The Notorious B.I.G., “Hypnotize” [Bad Boy Records]

Ludacris, “Southern Hospitality”

…oops, that’s four…

Which track (by another musician) do you wish that you had made?

GusGus, “Call of the Wild” [Process Recordings]

What’s your favorite record from this year that isn’t electronic dance music?

UNS – “Transmission”

Current reading or last good book read?

Toni Mahoni, Gebratene Störche

Favorite mobile app:

I currently shoot “Angry Birds” into the little pigs’ houses…

Favorite video game:

I’m more into pinball machines! Check out the Indiana Jones pinball. A true classic! I also have a Lasercue pinball machine in the office.

Favorite piece of gear:

That changes every now and then, but I have an audible weakness for compressors…

Preferred headphones:

I always use and love my old IXOS DJ1001 Ministry of Sound Edition headphones – them f*ckers last!!!

Favorite clothing designer:

I don’t have one.

Favorite city/country/club to perform in?

I really loved my sets on our ‘90s Loveparade trucks!

What country would you be thrilled to play in, just for the food?


Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten while on tour:

Some crazy “something” meat soup in Mexico.

Strangest thing a fan has ever given you:

An ugly white plush rabbit…

Frequent flyer survival tip:

Go by car – like me!

Weirdest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself:

Jan Driver is snoring heroin…