Agoria: Panta Rei (Balearic Mix)

By Beatport News Editors

The term “Balearic” gets thrown around a lot these days, but it’s absolutely warranted in the case of Agoria’s new “Panta Rei (Balearic Mix).” This isn’t the lazy, hazy sound of White Isle chillout, but rather pumping, chord-heavy house at its most humid (and with just a touch of classic trance).

Agoria’s “Panta Rei (Remixes)” EP is out now on InFine; it also features a blissed-out remix from Danton Eeprom that reminds us a little of the spine-tingling electronica of Luke Slater’s 7th Plain, as well as a tougher, skippier, tech-infused rework from Jon Hopkins that will please all the Border Community fans in the house.