Our Crusade to Simplify Searching on the New Beatport

By beatportkevin

A huge part of being a DJ is keeping your sound unique and differentiating yourself as a musician. We know DJs want two things: a deep catalogue to dig through and tools to make it easier to find exactly what you need.

Digging through our catalogue

Beatport carries music from more than 150,000 artists and 14,000 indie and major labels. On average, Beatport adds more than 20,000 new tracks each week. That’s a lot of music.

Most of you spend an hour or more on Beatport per session, but usually listen to just a few seconds of each track before deciding if it’s what you’re looking for. That means you’re sifting through hundreds, maybe thousands of tracks per session. That’s no easy task. To help you in your search, we’ve built what I think is the best deep digging experience around. Lots of filters, sorting, key commands and the new track detail pages make up a powerful set of music discovery tools.


We’ve made it far easier to “follow” artists and labels using MyBeatport to build a list of your preferences. The running list is accessible along the left side of the page throughout the site.

With the site overhaul, DJs can follow an unlimited number of artist and labels. People who use MyBeatport depend on it heavily as a music discovery tool; my personal list is almost 800 artists and labels long. When I’m searching for music, I always start with my list so I know I’ll find stuff I like.

Avoiding the “Thriller” Factor

While developing a music recommendation engine algorithm, there’s a healthy fear of the “Thriller” factor. Since most people have Michael Jackson’s timeless track “Thriller” in their collection, if you’re not careful you’ll end up recommending Michael Jackson to everyone.

To fine tune our recommendation engine called BeatBot, we’re avoiding the “Thriller” factor by taking into consideration your previous purchases, analyzing DJ Charts from the most influential DJs in the world, user’s preferences and history. BeatBot also appears in more places throughout the site.

One of the most important parts of the beta program for the new site was the opportunity to directly engage our customers. We want to thank everyone who provided feedback on the new features and the site as a whole. Although the beta period has ended, I hope we can keep the conversation going.


Kevin Carlisle is Director of Product Management at Beatport. Music he loves and DJs with: From slow mo to mid-tempo house, tech house and techno. This is the second post in a three part series All Access Pass: A Look at the New Beatport.