Bomb Alert! Pillowtalk - The Come Back EP

By Matt Ferry

If you like your house music a little more intimate than what gets played on the big festival stages, you might be ready to let Pillowtalk whisper into your ear.

Sammy D, Ryan Williams, and Michael Tello are the three San Fran locals that make up the minimal tech-funk trio Pillowtalk, with one release so far on the new label Life and Death and another on the way from Visionquest. Their newest EP, ”The Come Back,” is a modern dance/soul hybrid jam packed with vintage kicks and plenty of reverb.

Jamie Jones, Tale of Us, Droog, and many more taste-makers have worked the the Life and Death remix of “Soft” into their sets with a crowd response that would make any jock jealous. A groovin’ bass line, soulful processed vocals, and a deep mellow kick add up to make this an instant future classic. Check out the rest of the Life and Death label’s catalog here and keep those ears to the ground. The underground. Get it?!