On Rotation: Staff Picks, November 29

By Beatport News Editors

Maceo Plex, Maya Jane Coles, STL, Vakula, Dave Aju and Vylex top Beatport’s genre editors’ lists of favorites this week, ranging from deepest house to the most devastating dubstep. Be sure to check out our further recommendations, because there are some unbelievably good gems on tap from the likes of XXXY, Nina Kraviz and Caribou, whose Junior Boys remix is one of his finest yet.

Matt Ferry

Merchandising Manager / Denver

Maceo Plex – High & Sexy EP [Ellum]

Debut release from Maceo Plex’s Ellum imprint here. If both sides of this deep, soulful, funky EP are what to expect coming out from Ellum, then we’re all in for a pleasant twist on the deep house sound. Funk guitar loops and a deep, dark bassline round out “Stay High Baby” and the more percussive, synth-focused, “Ain’t That Love” makes up the B-Side in what may be Maceo Plex’s freshest EP yet.

Further Listening:

Maya Jane Coles – Don’t Put Me In Your Box EP [Hypercolour]

Tensnake – Need Your Lovin (Tiger & Woods Remix) [Permanent Vacation]

Lazaro Casanova – Our Kind Of Love EP [petFood]

Mike Chapman

Merchandising Manager / Berlin

Dave Aju – All Together Now (Back And Forth Mix) [Circus Company]

The latest release from Dave Aju is a tasty teaser for what is surely to be part of an incredible full-length album (which I am eagerly awaiting). Trippy, chunky and slightly off balance house music is the name of the game with “All Together Now,” with gritty percussion and live claps throughout. The man from San Fran strikes again with a track that will be heard all over town this winter—I am quite confident of that!

Further Grooves:

Christopher Rau – Last Time Was So Good [Hypercolour]

Vessel – Blushes [Left_Blank]

Kidnap Kid – If [Squelch And Clap]

Christine Kakaire

Merchandising Manager / Berlin

STL – 4 Tracker [Something Records]

I’ve always loved that you can spot a Stephan Laubner track within about half a second, and “Jungle Sometimes” is classic STL, with rich, heady soundscapes over those well-loved, papery, skippy drums. The three other full-length tracks of 4 Tracker all wring something different out of the deep house sound, and “Never Asked Why,” in particular, is practically subterranean. As with most of his releases there’s also a batch of gritty one-minute loops for the most adventurous DJs.

Nina Kraviz – Ghetto Kraviz [Rekids]

Seiji – Frustratin/Face Up [Seijimusic]

Andy Meecham – Monophonic Volume 1 [Nang]

Dan Cole

General Manager of Merchandising & General Manager / Berlin

Maya Jane Coles – Don’t Put Me In Your Box [Hypercolour]

Whether the title of this EP is a request for DJs not to put this record in their box and thus never play it, or to not stereotype Miss Coles within a certain genre classification, is unclear. [Perhaps it’s meant to ward off serial killers? –Ed.] What is clear is the finesse of the production on all four tracks, with the level of deepness remaining consistent throughout. From “Parallel Worlds” and its upbeat, bass-driven house vibes to the sublime, downbeat “Something in the Air” and the dub-techno vibes on “Dub Child,” there is something here for everyone—bagged, boxed, or otherwise.

Further Listening:

Zomby – Nothing EP [4AD]

Loka – Passing Place [Ninja Tune]

Sean Lewis

Merchandising Manager / Denver

Vylex – Abduct You EP [Bassclash]

I’m loving the tidal wave of innovation is rolling in from the Bassclash Records camp. Vylex’s EP is crazy. In one aspect, each of the tunes are minimal and free of the excess clutter troubling the trends of the moment. At the same time, however, there’s a complexity in the alien synth characters that play the leading roles in these tracks. I can foresee that this style of riddim might not be ready for the mainstream audience, but to me they’re super refreshing.

Further Listening:

Cyrus & Distance – Titan [unreleased]

Ben Verse – Manipulate [Crunch Recordings]

Dephas8 – Cyclops [Wyp Productions]

Philip Sherburne

Editor, Beatportal / Berlin

Vakula – Saturday Remixes [3rd Strike Records]

Ukraine’s Vakula has had one hell of a year, with a vast array of releases for labels like Best Works, Archipel, Firecracker, and more, comprising some of the wooziest, dopest deepness on the scene. Now, 3rd Strike Records commissions a fine set of remixes for his laid-back jam “Saturday,” from back in July. Where to begin? Jeff Sharel turns in a dreamy funk cut that reminds me a little of Spacek or Slum Village; Legowelt plies his dolphin-riding acid magic, and Vakula’s Firecracker label-mate Fudge Fingas goes for tear-jerking piano house, but with enough edge in the drums to keep it from getting too soft. Speaking of tearjerkers, Vakula’s own “Sad Mix” is dark and stormy, but it refuses to go too gently into the good night. And Deetron flips the script, turning a “Saturday” at home into a muscular, driving club jam.

Further Listening:

Junior Boys – You’ll Improve Me (Caribou Remix) [Domino]

Yør – Rave EP [Purple Maze]

XXXY – Kerpow [All City Dublin]