Roxy Music: Love Is The Drug (Todd Terje Disco Dub)

By Ken Taylor

Fun fact of the day: Glam-era crooner-cum-DJ Hell collaborator Bryan Ferry has his own YouTube channel. Seriously. It’s even got some footage of the Kate Moss photo shoot for the cover of his last album, Olympia. But the more worthwhile discovery on Mr. Roxy Music’s page today is this awesome video directed by Ferry Gouw (who you may recognize from his illustrations for Major Lazer) for Todd Terje’s Disco Dub of “Love Is The Drug,” which we featured exclusively last week on Beatport.

The clip takes some classic Roxy concert films (including the song’s original video), gives them some Final Cut Pro-style psychedelic gloss, even animates images from the racy Country Life cover shoot, injects some new sequences into the mix, and sets it all to the lovably stuttering, dubbed-out, and protracted pastiche by Oslo nu-disco maestro Todd Terje. With Roxy Music’s recent reunion, Ferry’s own dance-music resurgence, and remix commissions for Terje, Prins Thomas, and Lindstrom, one can only hope that even bigger things are in the works for the iconic singer.