Weekend Essential: X-Press 2 - Let Love Decide Feat. Roland Clark

By Ken Taylor

Earlier in the week, Brighton’s Skint Records released X-Press 2‘s deep and percussive house single “Let Love Decide,” and we haven’t stopped caning it ever since.

The original comes wrapped with a juicy, clubby vocal from Roland Clark that’s steeped heavily in classic ‘90s Chicago vibes, but the remixes from Art Department and Hercules and Love Affair compatriot Kim Ann Foxman are just as tasty.

The former pares things back a bit, but puts even more oomph into the tune’s relentless kick while testing the breaking point of the bassline’s elasticity. Ms. Foxman’s take, however, sounds like a Miami freestyle jam from ‘87, tightly wound and forward-moving but still hearkening back to the disco floor of yesteryear. They’re all thinking-person’s dance tracks, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean they won’t hit you square in the gut.