A chat with Chase & Status; MTA catalog now available on Beatport

By Ken Taylor

Since we recently secured the catalog for Chase & Status‘ awesome More Than Alot label (aka MTA Records) on Beatport, we decided it was high time we quizzed the drum & bass princes on their legacy. Read on as Saul “Chase” Milton shares with us the inspiration for starting the label, his current favorite producers, a few choice words about Rihanna and Jay-Z, and a brand-new chart.

What was the impetus and philosophy behind starting MTA?

We’ve always wanted to run our own label and release exciting, cutting-edge music. We want to treat the artist like they should be treated, and not how so many labels have treated artists in the past. MTA is all about the artists and the music. The label pushes the artist, not the other way round.

What’s been the highlight of running MTA so far?

Signing amazing acts like Nero, 16bit, KillSonik, and Dream Mclean, and seeing the meteoric rise of Nero happen so fast.

Any lowlights of running the label that you’d care to share with us?

It’s disappointing when things don’t pan out like you wished, but that goes for every business I’m sure.

Who are your favorite D&B and dubstep producers these days?

KillSonik, Nero, 16bit, Alvin Risk, Skrillex, Noisia, and Wilkinson.

Any particular favorite releases in the MTA catalog?

The whole package for the Nero’s ”Must Be The Feeling” single is great. Lots of remixes and a wicked video.

What would you say are the biggest changes you’ve made to your productions since you released your first 12”?

Quite a lot. Our production is tighter now, etc., but I guess we just get to the point more. Back then, we had super-long intros and a lot of over-production, which sounds impressive but was more about techniques rather than musicality. We’re all about what works best for the song these days, rather than the second edit that comes in after 32 bars.

Do you have a particular philosophy when it comes to production?

Just to try anything and have no limits to what you’ll do. Sound like yourself and try and be innovative rather than replicate.

You’ve been involved in some major collaborations in the last couple years. First, describe what it’s like to work with Rihanna in three words:

It was good.

Now Jay-Z, same question…

Surreal and good.

Any other collaborations coming up that we should know about?

There are, but I’m afraid I can’t go into detail.

What’s next for C&S and MTA?

MTA we have the new KillSonik single, “Blood Lust” / “Girly,” and new music from Dream Mclean and 16bit. Nero are working on album number two whilst we speak. As Chase & Status, we have the summer festivals coming up in UK and Europe, and we’ll be performing live there. We also have a whole load of DJ sets in the USA, UK, and Europe. We’re currently working on album three and we have about 30 ideas we’ve started so far.

Quick: Your three current favorite tracks right now…

KillSonik – “Blood Lust”

Odd Future – “Oldie”

Noisia & Phace – “Imperial”

*Grab Chase & Status’ brand-new Beatport Top Ten chart here.