Check out Squarepusher’s video for the upcoming “Dark Steering,” and catch him on tour

By Joshua Glazer

In today’s arms race to offer up the most eye-exploding live performance, you better deliver your A-game. Squarepusher dives into the scrum with his new album, Ufabulum, due out May 14 on his longtime home, Warp Records.

The first video, “Dark Steering,” perfectly advertises what’s in store as Tom Jenkinson hits the road throughout the summer. Masked like Daft Punk meets Deadmau5, and dropping fidgety beats a la Amon Tobin, the Ufabulum live show looks formidable. Even more impressive is that Squarepusher designed the visuals himself, keeping the DIY spirit of electronic music alive in this age of production directors and 10-person road crews.

“For a while I had apocalyptic nightmares about trails of nuclear missiles in the night sky,” says Jenkinson. “So I aimed to recreate that strange combination of exhilaration, terror, and sadness both visually and emotionally through this piece. It led to the idea of a spacecraft leaving earth at vast speed to escape, but oddly the music also made me think of it flying through a library. So I generated the visual aspect such that, as the piece progresses, it seems as if the viewer is ever-accelerating through massive corridors of books.”

As you’ll note in the comments section of the above video, plenty of folks are pontificating on what kind of gear Mr. Jenkinson is using for his current sound-and-vision arsenal—your guess is as good as ours, but fortunately you can test your theories at any of the following Squarepusher shows.

April 21 Tokyo, JP – Sonar Sound Tokyo

April 28 Gdansk, PL – Electronic Beats Festival 

May 03 Krems, AT – Donau Festival

May 06 Bristol, UK – Simple Things Festival 

May 12 Sao Paolo, BR 
- Sonar Sao Paolo

May 15 Barcelona, ES – Sonar Festival 

June 29/30 – Le Rock Dans Tous Ses Etats, France

07 London, UK – Bloc 

July 12 Dour, BE – Dour Festival 

July 14 Ferropolis, DE – Melt Festival