Pick Of The Week: TJ Kong & Modular K - Dream Cargoes

By Ken Taylor

Steve Bug’s Poker Flat label is a hugely influential tech-house outlet that only occasionally puts out albums—especially from those not necessarily within its tight inner circle (think Martini Bros, Martin Landsky, Trentemoller, et al). Today, the label is making one of those rare exceptions, for TJ Kong & Modular K’s Dream Cargoes, and as such, we’ve selected it as our Pick Of The Week, a new feature in which—yep, you guessed it—we’ll be offering up one release as a favorite from within Beatport’s expert team of merchandisers and editors.

Both TJ Kong and Modular K have been actively producing music for years, but this is their first major release for Poker Flat. Dream Cargoes is a very mature and well-produced effort, with tech-house tracks sidling up to contemplative-sounding techno suites that never bash you over the head.

Call it a grower, if you must, but it’s already warmed its way into our hearts. Grab all of Dream Cargoes today on Beatport.