Track Of The Day: Rey & Kjavik - All Alone

By Ken Taylor

Today, Mount Esja, Iceland-based groove merchants Rey & Kjavik (get it?) exclusively released to Beatport their Compost debut, the Black Label 86 EP, featuring “All Alone.” It’s a slow-churning deep-house cut framed around a vocal sample that’s sometimes commanding and at others dubbed-out and set back in the mix, alternately serving as an anchor point and a rhythmic element. The whole thing clips along on a bed of light whirs and clicks as an insistent kick takes it all home.

Coincidentally, we’ve also got a video for today’s Track Of The Day, which has been nicely shot in black and white, and features a couple hip young dudes (maybe the guys themselves?) carousing about town, stopping in to the record shop, and messing around with a synth’s patch-bay (gear fetishists take note!). Have a peek at the clip, and if you can correctly identify the city in which it was filmed, leave us a note in the comments. Then download the whole new EP here.