Pick Of The Week: Two Armadillos - Golden Age Thinking Part 2

By Ken Taylor

The Two Armadillos project might be the perfect kind of dancefloor pair-up: member Giles Smith is one half of the DJ/promoter team behind London’s hugely successful Secretsundaze event and label, and producer Martin Dawson has spent years honing his chops as King Roc. Together they’ve got both ends of the club spectrum covered, and it shows with their debut full-length, Golden Age Thinking, which is being rolled out in three parts.

Today’s segment, Golden Age Thinking Part 2, is Beatport’s Pick Of The Week and manages to hit on a few different levels. ”Theme” is a slamming deep-house club track that balances tight production with an eye directly on the dancefloor—a beauty of a mid-set piece if you’re planning a warm and epic build.

On the flip, ”Flat Lining” is a far more subdued number, with lightly ticking hats and a vocal sample worked into oblivion. It’s a dazzler, to be sure, but more on the comedown tip.

These Feelings” works somewhere in between. It’s equally laidback and jazzy, with a tinkling piano riff that kicks in nearer to the track’s mid-section, but its four-four bedrock keeps the pace nicely moving forward.

We can’t wait to see where these Armadillos go for Part 3. For now, download all of Golden Age Thinking Part 2, and see their recent Beatport chart here.