Killer Comp: Plant Music: Love Me

By Joshua Glazer

Birthed in the early 2000s at the dawn of the “blog house” era, NYC’s Plant Music might not have ever experienced the cult of personality bestowed upon Ed Banger or DFA, but this ever-reliable imprint run by Dominique Keegan (of electro-rockers The Glass) and Stretch Armstrong has built up a substantial catalog of releases that is as impressive as their media-favored peers in retrospect.

The label’s previous compilation, 2003′s The Sound of Young New York, remains a significant artifact from the era when the denim-clad rock of The Strokes and the discofied techno of Metro Area collided on the dancefloor. And nine years later, Plant Music: Love Me, which arrived today, does a great job in mapping the ground that’s been covered in the subsequent decade.

The set kicks off with ”Love Thing,” produced by Eli Escobar and remixed by the dearly departed DJ Mehdi. The tune demonstrates the sort of transcontinental crossovers that made this scene thrive from Paris to Brooklyn by offering a graduate course on how to bring ‘80s synth melodies, soulful vocal refrains, and house-y percussion together.

Last Words” offers another Francophonic exchange, converting the twee-lectro of Clubfeet into an extended disco edit, compliments of house music legend Dimitri From Paris.

Original tunes by HeavyFeet, Dances With White Girls, and Danny Daze utilize the heavier electro template forged in the post-Daft Punk scene of the late ‘00s, with the sort of thumping beats and melodies that have dominated DJ sets from New York’s Webster Hall to LA’s Cinespace for much of the past decade, while Malente‘s remix of Smalltown Romeo‘s ”Party Motion” takes the archetypical refrain from Quando Quango’s ”Love Tempo” and folds it back over on itself with a Latin freestyle beat that evokes the image of the cast of Basquiat dancing at the Mudd Club while Diplo plugs in his Serato.