Weekend Weapons


By Ken Taylor

Hamburg-based producer Misanthrop (aka Michael Bräuninger) has been churning out dark, neurotic, sometimes-hypnotic drum & bass bangers for a decade. But it’s only been in the last couple years that he kicked off the Neosignal label, which just a few days ago released Phace, Alix Perez, and Rockwell‘s new “Stresstest / Ballbag” single. In between label duties, his own production work, and playing out, we had him hit us with his latest Weekend Weapons, most of which happen to be Neosignal releases. Read on for the full rundown from the man himself.

Misanthrop – Latitude [Neosignal]

“Latitude” is in my Top 5 Weekend Weapons list! When the hook builds up and the tune drops, you won’t be disappointed. This tune just works—no complicated drum edits, no heavy midrange—just drums, bass, and a straight hook. In my opinion, a perfect tool to get the party started.

Mefjus – Distantia [Neodigital]

Our latest signing on our digital imprint Neodigital, Mefjus delivers a straight stomper. His tight production does not need unnecessary sound design to fill the spaces in the tune. Every sound makes perfect sense, just like the whole tune.

Phace – Stresstest [Neosignal]

In my opinion, this is the perfect example of a Phace tune. Perfect arrangement, tight mixing, and of course the “phacefunk.” Mission accomplished!

Alix Perez, Rockwell – Ballbag [Neosignal]

When this tune drops, I always love to look at the crowd. It’s so different and that’s what I like about it. I also like when the next DJ asks you about the tune’s name and you scream, “BAAAAALLLLBAGGG!”

Misanthrop – Amboss [Neosignal]

“Amboss” is German for anvil. With that in mind, you might guess what I tried to achieve with this one. I love the crowd’s reaction when they feel and understand what I tried to put into this tune.

Phace, Misanthrop – Energie [Neosignal]

The title track from our Energy EP is one of those tunes I don’t get tired of. Also, it perfectly reflects what you’ve come to expect from a Phace & Misanthrop tune: dirty funk!

Noisia & The Upbeats – Dustup [Vision]

What a monster of a tune. These guys show us what time it is. Its perfect build-up does not disappoint. You get what you expect when the mighty Noisia and The Upbeats team up—a straight dancefloor smasher.