J Dilla’s personal record collection for sale in Detroit record store

By Ken Taylor

It’s near impossible to be a fan of hip-hop and not worship at the altar of J Dilla. The late Detroit-bred beatmaker for everyone from his own Slum Village crew to Busta Rhymes was considered a legendary sampler, cratedigger, and producer in life—and probably even more so in death, when he passed away from a rare blood disease in 2006 at age 32.

Naturally, Dilla (real name: James Yancey) was a record collector of epic proportions, and all of that vinyl he left behind managed to end up at a Detroit-area record store just the other day, reports the Detroit News. The co-owner of UHF Records in Royal Oak, Michigan, Jeff Bubeck, acquired the collection of 7000-8000 LPs from an abandoned storage locker in nearby Clinton Township, and is gradually selling them through the shop, with the hopes that some of the proceeds will go to the J Dilla Foundation. Check out the article to see how you might get your hands on a piece of hip-hop history.