Bomb Alert! Chuckie & Glowinthedark - Electro Dude

By Joshua Glazer

When listening to Dutch DJ Chuckie‘s latest barnstormer of a track, “Electro Dude,” one wonders if he’s referring to a specific male acquaintance, or (as the vocal suggests) identifying the genre of the song to any man in particular―”electro, dude.” Then you smack yourself on the forehead when you realize it totally doesn’t matter.

This furious peak-time hit, reportedly debuted in Miami last month at the height of Chuckie’s set at Amnesia, was produced with Glowinthedark of the Dirty Dutch crew. It hits all the requisite pressure points, from gritty synths that will grind dancers into dust to a bottomless vortex of a breakdown that, at 45 seconds long, might just make you wonder if it’s time to go home were it not for the voice that slowly builds the chant “party, party, party, party,” in case you forgot where you are.

“Electro Dude” just dropped on the relaunched Big Beat Records subsidiary of Atlantic Records, meaning it’s going to be absolutely everywhere by the peak of summer. But it’s available right now exclusively on Beatport, so you can start killing it right away.