Track Of The Day: Addison Groove - Sooperlooper

By Sean Lewis

As much removed as any current hit from Skrillex is from foundational dubstep landmarks like Skream‘s “Midnight Request Line,” so too are the latest manifestations from a long list of dubstep’s pioneers. Many of the veterans that helped to shape that spatial and hypnotic sound are returning to the experimentation stages and developing something new once again. Take for instance the sounds of Addison Groove, the project of dubstep DJ and producer Headhunter. Those Headhunter tracks stretched back into drum & bass, but Addison Groove’s latest branches are often influenced by Chicago ghetto house, though he adapts it with his own functionality for today’s dancefloor. Headhunter’s Tempa classic “Sleepwalker” should server as a nice contrast to any of the tracks on Addison Groove’s latest full-length album, Transistor Rhythm.

Sooperlooper” combines a few styles that you’ll find on Transistor Rhythm, namely electro-style synths and a mixed bag of nostalgic additives. From the subtlety of a Reece-style bass used to punctuate a swell, to the chance spotting of rave keys, the familiar dots that connect on this polyrhythmic suite do well to brighten the scenery of a mix. The four-minute ride most certainly takes its name from its style of play, chaining together loop after loop to perform what was the basis of what made raves so hypnotic. In fact, it’s an injustice to offer a two-minute preview to serve as a fair representation; the entirety of this track should be its own true translation.