Track Of The Day: Gullfisk - Green Waters

By Sean Lewis

Reaching back into the catalog built by Commodore 69 and Konnekt‘s label, Hot N Heavy, it’s clear that they’ve always searched to provide a space for things a little more innovative than the turning trend. Even a short exploration will reveal that their imprint can’t be defined with one specific sound. Their most recent release, from the 21-year-old Belgian producer Gullfisk, cements that claim. Gullfisk’s EP, Move Me, brings yet another fresh set of sounds to the imprint, connecting bass-minded music with a smoothness of melody and mood.

Our Track Of The Day from that EP, ”Green Waters,” dims the spotlight on dance music’s VIPs—the punch of the bass drum and the crack of the snare. Gullfisk doesn’t rely so much on timing as how it all comes together for the final package. The vocal chant may be indiscernible, but it’s still the main player of this track. He could have easily swapped out vox for a riff from any number of synths, but it would have left “Green Waters” cold and unoccupied. Instead, the samples of seagulls and imagery of rippling water refresh the spirit like a short beachside vacation. The keyword here, however, is “short”—in fact, it’s too short. There may be some unspoken rule that it’s better to leave you wanting more than to leave you tiresome, but if that’s so, why are there so many extended remixes? I’ll just play it twice.