Track of the Day

Stinkahbell, Psy:Am - Hot Poo feat. P Money, Little Dee, and Blacks

By Sean Lewis

Dubstep and grime have always had a close relationship: just take a look at artists like MRK1 and Plastician, both of whom had their own place in grime production when they began establishing their streaks in dubstep. “Hot Poo” emphasizes this harmony with one hell of an artist listing from both sides of the fence. The fast-rising London production duo of Nutty P and Janset, who form the act Stinkahbell, belly up to the sound stacks with newcomer Psy:Am for the instrumental side of “Hot Poo.” On the flip, the microphone support is provided by one of the most influential voices in grime at the moment—London’s P Money, alongside Blacks and Little Dee, two MCs who also claim London as their home.

Stinkahbell, Psy:Am – Hot Poo Feat. P Money, Little Dee, and Blacks

This one is just what its title suggests: hot shit. The sliding pitch of the main synth screams out like a siren, finding a heavy helping of cymbals to emphasize its pace. The music stands on its own as a massive crowd pleaser, but the addition of MCs add another layer of hype with all of the lyrical participants matching the feeling of the track with an enthusiastic whirlwind of vocals. “Hot Poo” makes our Track Of The Day for its sheer ability to incite a riot on the dancefloor.