Track of the Day

David Guetta - She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) feat. Sia

By Joshua Glazer

She may not have the global superstar status of Kelly Rowland or Rihanna, but Australian singer Sia has certainly made a name for herself over the past decade with a catalog of well-respected albums that do nicely with critics and fans alike. Her talent was enough to get her noticed by megastar DJ David Guetta, whose own discography reads like a who’s-who for the the upper echelon of celebrity singers.

Their first collaboration, “Titanium,” off his Nothing But The Beat album, was a massive hit in 2011. So much so that they decided to swing for the fences a second time on “She Wolf (Falling To Pieces).”

Unlike the urban divas usually paired with Guetta’s full-frontal dancefloor assault, Sia’s voice is powerful in a different way, coming from a singer-songwriter tradition. But it meshes well with Guetta’s yin-yang musical dynamic. The listener might be lulled into the vocals’ sweet soulfulness laid onto a stirring piano and string melody. But it’s not long before the all-attack kick drum begins to build, and when the drop comes, it’s pure manic synth melodies and high-velocity rhythms. Then it goes further out there, dropping everything but the kick, which builds again via a doubled-up 4/4 beat and even some scratching samples. If you survive the whiplash, there’s a lot to jump up and down about. And unlike some of Guetta’s other collaborators, there’s no Auto-Tune required.