Track of the Day

Chicken Lips' members Steve Kotey and Andy Meecham tackle classic house for the Classic Music Company

By Christine Kakaire

Classic Music Company’s Luke Solomon knew that Grand Corporation—Chicken Lips alumni Steve Kotey and Andy Meecham—were on to something when he heard “Wonder & Amazement” for the first time a year ago; “It’s a record that we are proud to be able to use as a soundtrack to this new era of Classic,” the house connoisseur says.

The debut of Grand Corporation cements the reputation of the producers and the long-running label that houses them—it is timeless dance music with sleek modern production and a retro swing.

“Wonder & Amazement” also marks the debut of Jeremy Glenn, whose soulful melodies will stay in your mind long after the song is finished. Be prepared to hear a lot more of this deep-house winter warmer in the coming months.