Track of the Day

Uto Karem tops Beatport's techno chart with "Taking Me"

By Emma Robertson

After climbing quickly to the #1 spot on Beatport’s techno charts in just a few short days, it’s clear that Uto Karem has another dancefloor classic on his hands with his latest release, “Taking Me,” out on his own label, Agile Recordings. A typically vigorous offering from the Italian producer, “Taking Me” is an intricate blend of contemporary techno that pulls in disco-infused references to provide its intense, chugging energy—a dynamic progression of effervescent low-ends that swell and lull before climaxing into driven, pulsating beats that just don’t quit.

Karem’s addictive soundscapes are cut through with fragmented, looped vocals that render the track almost hypnotic—a uniquely powerful quality for a big-room techno sound like this one. A distinctly techno twist on a classic funk bassline, “Taking Me” is at once purposeful and, for lack of a better word, groovy, effortlessly living up to its #1 ranking.