Producer Tom Flynn dishes on bass, hedgehogs, and his dream DJ line-up

By Michelle Kuppersmith
Tom Flynn

Birmingham native Tom Flynn is no stranger to going deep, and he’s not afraid to utilize bass—two rather admirable qualities in a dance-music producer, particularly for someone with a single titled “Do You Like Bass.” Named Pete Tong’s Best Break Through Producer in 2010, Flynn delivers one impressive track after another and he shows no signs of slowing down—he’s got releases on Mobilee and Noir on the horizon, a new remix out yesterday, a Tong Christmas special coming up, and he just posted some new favorites on this December Beatport chart.

So with everything going on, we had a quick sit-down with the man to quiz him on his current goings on.

You just released a track called “Mr. Hedgehog.” Do you really like hedgehogs?

Ha! It was a random title I gave the track when was working on it at about 4 am! They are funny little things, though!

Do you actually like bass, or is that all an act?

If it’s got bass, I think everyone’s happy, right?!

If you were curating your own stage or club, who would be on your ideal line-up?

This could take a while, but I would say Daft Punk, Danny Tenaglia, Luciano, Thomas Bangalter DJ set. Game over.

What’s coming up in the near future that you’re excited about?

Too much to mention—gigs, releases, remixes—very busy, but very exciting times!

Anywhere you’d like to play that you haven’t had a chance to yet?

I really, REALLY want to play at Pacha in Ibiza.