Weekend Weapons

Berlin's Dana Ruh shows off six favorite tracks in her bag

By Ken Taylor

While we recently sung her praises in our Artists To Watch series, in all honesty, Berliner Dana Ruh has been going strong for nearly a decade now. On top of running the awesome Brouqade label, Ruh has dropped some deep and minimal gems for Cocoon, Buzzin’ Fly, and plenty of others. With her brand-new “Like a River” release with Anthea just out, we felt it was high time we took a look into her crates to she what she blows out at the weekend.

Amazing, powerful track on my own Brouqade label that I’m constantly getting asked about. I first heard about it a couple of months ago from a friend, and it was a secret weapon of mine for a while. Thank god we were able to sign it to the label and it’s out now!

A really hypnotic track that I am quite proud of, production-wise! It’s super-hypnotic with some nice peaks, too.

Amazing track for me—everything is just right here… the feeling, the hypnotic elements, the great arrangement! There is something really special about this track. I love it and the people do, too. It always creates a special moment on the floor.

After all the recent discussion surrounding Nina, don’t forget about the great music she’s been doing. This is a great tune—it works amazingly well on the floor and has a nice attitude. It’s also a really nice record to mix with!

Powerful track! Very functional and very clever in arrangement! A great track to mix with!

One of my favorite current labels. All the tracks have a certain attitude and a certain sound and are all very warm. You can play all the records in the series, but this is one I really like to use as a tool to bridge into another track.