Morning Roundup

The most expensive ecstasy display ever (maybe), Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza goes it alone, Wolfgang Gartner's arrival, and Skream's infamous Boiler Room set

By Ken Taylor

Back in March, Skream played what many are calling one seriously rough set at a Boiler Room session in Austin, Texas, during South by Southwest. It got so off the wall that Skream ended up getting shut off, causing him to unplug a CDJ and hand it into the crowd in a fit of indignation. Now, that much-ballyhooed set is available to see online—as are his comments regarding the situation. See it all below.

- “After 18 years with Thievery Corporation, [Rob] Garza’s rich career as an electronic musician has yielded a new offering,” says Vibe. They talk with him about that new solo record here: (full story)

- Drug art is nothing new, of course—there’s long been an established community acid-blotter art collectors. But when the designer of Ministry of Sound’s logo, Chemical X, puts £175,000 of ecstasy pills on display, you can’t help but take a look. (full story)

- Apparently, Skream’s still taking some flak for his Boiler Room set during SXSW. (Remember when he got belligerent and handed a CDJ into the crowd?) “1. I know its [sic] an awful mix. 2. Yes I was clearly smashed. 3. I’ve apologized already for what happened,” he says. Check out said performance below. (full story)

- Chic’s Nile Rodgers is a busy man these days, what with that whole Daft Punk album and all. But there’s a lot more to the man and his projects. Read up! (full story)

- Wolfgang Gartner (aka Joey Youngman) on his “arrival” into the DJ world: “I got all these checks and had a “holy s%&*” moment when I realized much money I was about to make if I kept doing this. I dropped out of college the following Monday and that was the end of that. Thump checks in: (full story)

Skream photo via Some Kind of Awesome