Track of the Day

Anthea makes a late-night deep-house "Booty Call" for Desolat

By Matt Ferry

After a successful 2013 for Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich’s Desolat imprint, the label returns with another mind-blowingly pumpy and tech-tinged compilation for your listening delight. As expected, highlights are hard to pick out from a selection of producers as revered as those on Desolat, but if we had to choose, Anthea’s “Booty Call” is filled with the perfect amount of chuggin’ late-night wonk and dizzying roll that we love here at BP HQ.

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Track of the Day

Tiger Stripes makes his Desolat debut with "Sisters"

By Brittany Gaston

If you follow labels like Get Physical, Toolroom, Drumcode, and Strictly Rhythm, then the name Tiger Stripes is nothing new. Releasing a steady stream of house-flavored tunes since 2004, the Swedish artist welcomes 2014 with open arms as he makes his Desolat debut with the Sisters EP. The title track has “anthem” written all over it. Starting off with the simple pulse of a bassline, this tech-house track’s percussion guides your ear along the nine-minute slow burn as a bright Rhodes piano weaves its way throughout. And that’s to say nothing of the memorable hook, which is sure to stay with you for the rest of the day.

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Beatport Mixes

Loco Dice commemorates five years of Desolat with a Beatport Mix

By Emma Robertson

Dusseldorf-born Loco Dice began DJing in the ’90s, and although his roots were originally planted in hip-hop, he’s become one of the most respected and recognized figures in contemporary techno. An early partnership with fellow techno DJ/producer Martin Buttrich in 2002 led to the founding of Desolat Records five years later and since then it has grown to become one of the foremost labels in electronic music today, featuring a stellar crew that includes tINI, Guti, Hector, Shlomi Aber, and Pulshar, to name a few. Today, the label is commemorates its fifth anniversary with a Beatport Mix comprised solely of Desolat releases. We caught up with Loco Dice to chat about hip-hop, artistic performance, his favorite tracks, and how it feels to be celebrating five years of Desolat.

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Argentina’s Guti and his pianos

By industry boy

Electronic music producers are by and large a bunch of deviants, but even going by those standards Argentina’s Guti sure is one colourful reprobate.

As a child, Guti was a jazz pianist and did very well for a small boy from Buenos Aires. Then the teenage years hit, and, like all teenagers, he rebelled and ran off to join a rock band. But unlike most adolescent music projects, Jóvenes Pordioseros, or Young Beggars in English, happened to be hugely successful. The band achieved gold record status in Argentina and were singed to Warner Music, no less. Guti played keyboards in the band and for a while he lived like a rock god.

Then when that chapter of his life finally came to an end in 2009, Guti did what most rock stars never do and became an underground house music producer. Loco Dice was the first to notice Guti’s talents and signed him to his respected Desolat imprint.

Relocating to Dice’s hometown of Düsseldorf, which he describes as “a really nice small city,” Guti began quietly releasing juicy house rhythms full of Latino and jazz spirit. His album Patio de Juegos (Playground) dropped in March 2011 on Desolat to great acclaim, and he has been touring like an electronic music radical ever since.

He has also had releases on Luciano’s Cadenza, Davide Squillace’s Hideout, Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts, and London’s Defected. And last week he dropped “Keep It” for Satoshi Tomiie’s SAW Recordings, his first solo single outside of Desolat since he was signed to the label in 2009.

“Keep It” is SAW Recordings’ most anticipated release in quite a while, not least because it features a remarkable remix from label boss Satoshi Tomiie, who hasn’t released any new music in a couple of years. There’s also an infectious, underground, drum-heavy house jam from Guti on the B-side, called “Bam!”

Tomiie’s “Keep It” remix is the first track to come out of his new studio. The Japanese house pioneer spent over 24 months building a new studio in his New York City apartment, which was finally completed last year. Tomiie will release more singles and remixes in 2012, including a collaboration with Melisma label boss and Cadenza contributor Dani Casarano.

Here, in this exclusive interview, Guti chats about his breakthrough 2011 year, his love for pianos, and his relationship with Satoshi Tomiie.

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By Dan Cole

Having originally cut her teeth in Munich and now residing in Berlin, tINI, a relative newcomer to the scene, is already being touted as one of house and techno’s brightest new stars. She joined the Desolat crew in 2009 after catching the attention of Loco Dice with “That’s Right,” released on the Desolat X comp.

This month, she released her debut album, Tessa, recorded mostly in Ibiza and named for the friend who encouraged her to follow her musical path. We caught up with her to find out more.

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The world is Guti’s playground

By gorana romcevic

The musical adventures of Argentina’s Guti [a] started in his early childhood, when he was growing up in an exceptionally musical family, surrounded by orchestra directors, saxophone players, and pianists. He started as a classically trained jazz pianist, continued in rock bands, and then moved to Europe and opened a new chapter with electronic music.

After his first hit with Damian Schwartz [a], releases for Desolat [l] label followed, and this week he releases his debut album on the same label. Patio de Juegos, which he recorded across Europe, brings together 14 tracks mixing various genres and moods. In an interview with Serbia’s Gorana Romcevic, Guti discusses his journey from jazz to electronic music, his relationship with Loco Dice [a] and Martin Buttrich [a], and the differences between Düsseldorf and Buenos Aires.

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Interview: Martin Buttrich

By terry church

Co-founder of Desolat records and collaborator with names like Loco Dice and Timo Maas, Martin Buttrich [a] has been busy in the background, making music and keeping his head low.

Although he’s been releasing and producing material for over a decade, it’s only been since 2006 that he’s come out of the shadows and into the spotlight in his own right.

In a recent interview, Buttrich talked about his new release with Loco Dice, New York influences and life in Hannover.

Catch the full story with this mystery producer on

Hit the jump to check out the player, and here for a video.

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Top Track: Loco Dice ‘Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now!!!’

By zack rico

One of the best tracks on Loco Dice’s new album ’7 Dunham Place’ is ‘Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now!!!’, a dirty booty tech house record that will rock any party.

The track features a cool bassline and a dude talking over the top about sex and music, and it sounds very raw and unprocessed.

There’s no big build up or breakdown, just a brilliant funky beat and an infectious groove that bounces and bounces.

The male vocal, too, comes across as unrehearsed and sounds like it was recorded live in one take, almost as if Loco Dice [a] was messing about in the studio with some friends and thought ‘Hey Jackson, you sound like a pimp – talk into this mic and give me some vocals’.

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