Moving Pictures

Solomun schools young DJs in another burn Residency masterclass

By Jason Black

2012 was a banner year for Bosnian-born Solomun (aka Mladen Solomun). He was crowned Mixmag’s DJ of the Year and was also given a producer award at the DJ Awards in Ibiza. As an encore in 2013, he joined fellow celebrity mentors Avicii, Maceo Plex, Joe Goddard, Fatboy Slim, and Steve Lawler for the burn Residency program, an intensive two-week production-and-DJing boot camp/competition in which thousands of hopefuls from around the world vied for a few coveted Ibiza club residencies. In this next installment in burn’s masterclass series, the Diynamic Music label boss talks about growing up in Hamburg surrounded by an eclectic mix of music, his evolution as an artist, polishing off a track in only three hours, and more. Get ready to take notes.

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H.O.S.H. on dumping the 9-to-5, his passion for the Diynamic label, and staying forever young

By Lauren Salm

Pioneer. Innovator. Label boss. Artist. These are all just elements of what Holger Behn’s multifaceted personality and talent encompasses. As H.O.S.H., Behn quickly went from DJing and producing to curating his own free outdoor festivals in Hamburg, Germany, and, with partner Solomun, bringing that persistence and passion to their acclaimed Diynamic label, which has released music from Stimming, Ost & Kjex, and plenty more house and tech-house luminaries.

Before the release of the second installment of his H.O.S.H.’s newest release series, Forever Young, Beatport News chatted with him about the label’s history and what the future holds.

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Beatport Live

Beatport Live welcomes Mobilee's Anja Schneider to Berlin on April 26

By Ross Jackson

We’re excited to announce that Anja Schneider will be gracing the decks at the Beatport Live Berlin office on April 26. A true staple in the deep/tech house scene, Schneider has been holding her own since the early days as a radio producer at KissFM to co-founding the Mobilee label. Her DJ sets are smooth, exciting, and considered; her productions always on-point.

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Track of the Day: H.O.S.H. - Life Is Music Is Life EP

By Matt Ferry

The German deep-tech dynamo H.O.S.H.‘s newest three-tracker on Berlin’s Diynamic brotherhood is a wonky and wacky adventure down the late-night rabbit hole of house.

“When it comes to producing, making music for me is like cooking—the meal/track gets better the more love you put in,” says the artist, and he couldn’t possibly be more right. Each track on the Life Is Music Is Life EP is perfectly seasoned to sonic perfection.

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Bomb Alert! Diynamic 053

By Matt Ferry

Lost are the days of long, hot, sun-soaked afternoons here on the north side of the equator, but summertime deep house comes year round. We’ll all have to rely on trusty ol’ four-to-the-floor to keep us from going all seasonal affective disorder, and thankfully, you can always count on Solomun‘s Diynamic imprint to deliver. With the label’s new compilation EP, it does so five times over.

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Taste Test: Uner

By Beatport News Editors

Next up in our Taste Test hot seat is Uner. The Catalan producer is at the crest of a new wave of talent emanating from Spain; he and his buddy Coyu first came to international attention in 2009 with records for the likes of Diynamic and Saved, using Coyu’s Suara label to bring even more attention to the rising Spanish scene. Last year, Uner, Coyu and their compatriot Edu Imbernon were tapped to showcase their sound on Cr2′s triple-disc “Mi Casa Es Su Casa,” and this year has seen Uner perfecting his groove-infused sound on records and remixes for Diynamic, Suruba, Skint, Galaktika, Rebirth, and many more labels.

We quizzed Uner about his musical upbringing and his current listening habits; read on for his answers, and find out why he’s got beef with Dennis Quaid, of all people. We’ve also included his Ibiza summer podcast for your listening enjoyment.

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Album of the Week: Ost & Kjex, ‘Cajun Lunch’

By kornel koch

Ah, Norway. How do they do it? Through some miracle of talent, luck, or voodoo, they just keep turning out record after record of some of the deepest, dopest stuff around, most of it fascinated by disco and possessed of a mischievous, irrepressible spirit. Someday, someone’s going to come up with a theory for the country’s disproportionate musical output, at least in relation to its population: call it the Fjordist mode of production.

For now, we’ve got yet another cheeky and cheerfully mindblowing album from Oslo’s Ost & Kjex [a]. Their debut album, ‘Some Cheese But Not All Cheese Comes from the Moon’, earned them a nomination in the Norwegian Grammys; now, with the oddly titled ‘Cajun Lunch’, they turn up on Hamburg’s Diynamic [l] label.

Given Diynamic’s commitment to lush, melodic strains of house, the pairing makes quite a bit of sense. Awash in Ost’s falsetto and featuring guest musicians like Bugge Wesseltoft [a], ‘Cajun Lunch’ doesn’t forget the importance of songwriting, even when it’s deep in the thick of the dancefloor.

For fans of Holy Ghost!, Lindstrom [a], Prins Thomas [a], Mungolian Jetset [a], or labels like DFA, Tigersushi, Bear Funk, and Internasjonal, ‘Cajun Lunch’ is likely to be just your cup of gumbo.

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Weekend Weapons…Solomun

By zack rico

Solomun [a] is one of Bosnia’s most successful electronic music artists. His wide-reaching releases on labels such as Four:Twenty, Dessous, Liebe Detail, Compost, and his own Diynamic imprint in Hamburg, have helped push the new tech house movement forwards, and make him one of the underground’s most respected players.

Mladen Solomun founded Diynamic in late 2005 with Adriano Trolio, and from the very beginning their label experimented with new European house sounds.

They were one of the first German labels to break out of the minimal template, by melding classical instruments with house rhythms in a fun and fruity way. Violins, choral vocals, piano grooves, organs – Diynamic created a sample orgy of house tracks that immediately captured the attention of dancefloors, which were yearning for funk after years of monotone machine bleeps.

It has been a long time coming, but now Solomun has finally released his debut album ‘Dance Baby’, a soul and disco flavoured house long player aimed squarely at DJs. With some of his album tracks like ‘Hypnotize’, ‘After Rain Comes Sun’, and ‘Deja-Vu’ blowing up in the clubs, we asked Solomun for eight of his current Weekend Weapons.

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