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Scuba hatches new Phenix podcast mix for your headphone-listening pleasure

By Jason Black

Die-hard fans of Scuba and his leading electronic label Hotflush have something to cheer about here. The British-born, Berlin-based artist (real name Paul Rose) has followed up the recent release of Phenix 1, the first in a three-part EP series, with a companion 70-minute podcast mix. In addition to all four tracks from the EP getting included, Scuba works in cuts from like-minded house artists like Paul Woolford, Joy Orbison & Boddika, and Dense & Pika. Perfect for late-night headphone listening, it’s gorgeously atmospheric and mood-driven music. Listen in now.

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Power of Ten

10 hilariously depressing DJ press shots

By Ken Taylor

You see them on their own heading up a story on your favorite music blog and you don’t think twice about the sullen DJ press pic. But when you see them grouped together, as they have been by Producers and DJs Looking Depressed, you can’t help but chuckle. Nope, these are not ads for Ablixa. They’re the work of some smartypants with another gut-busting DJ-related Tumblr blog that we just can’t get enough of. So without further ado, we give you 10 hilariously depressing DJ press shots, courtesy of

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Power Of Ten: Mad Monikers

By Sean Lewis

What’s in a name? Well, would Tommy Four Seven be the same if he had chosen to go by DJ Thomas? Hopefully, it’s a DJ’s memorable skills behind the decks that’ll carry his or her name into eternity, but having a cool calling card might give you a leg up on the competition, too. Light humor, spelling adjustments, spoonerisms playing off of celebrity names… there’s a whole lot of moniker madness going on these days, and while we couldn’t include all of them—sorry, Chet Faker, Snak the Ripper, and, uh, FuntCase—we highlight a handful of crazy ones in today’s Power Of Ten. Preview tunes from each artist below, and then grab them all in this Beatport chart.

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