In the studio with Ulrich Schnauss

By pollylavine

Ulrich Schnauss ushers me, with slight hesitance, into his East London studio. He fidgets and fusses over inanimate objects that do not need attention.

For a figure whose music drips with solitude and melancholy, this is a rare moment of exposure, and he seems uncomfortable, unnerved by the stranger who has entered his lair.

He sits surrounded by a cavern of instruments and electronic gadgets, machines that enabled him to create the richly textured melodies and harmonies that brought about the comparisons to Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream in the music press.

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Preview: Elektroakustischer Salon at Berghain

By svnvt

Last month has seen quite a few special appearances at Berlin’s seminal techno cathedral Berghain, which has been opening its spacious dancefloor to other styles of music apart from the relentless new school techno you can hear there every Saturday.

First was Alva Notos’ arty but pumping glitch-meets-white-noise live act at the De:Bug party on July 3rd.

And then there was the earth-shaking excursion into heavy heavy bass-weight during the first Sub:Stance dubstep party with the likes of Shackleton, Mala, Appleblim, Distance, Scuba and T++.

Beginning in September another series of events will be launched at Berghain.

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