If you can’t be at the world’s biggest festivals, it’s nice to peep photos that make you feel like you’re there. And Doug Van Sant is one such photographer who indeed provides us with that visceral feeling of being front and center at some of dance music’s most celebrated events. Here the NY/DC-based Van Sant shows us some of his favorite pics he’s taken over the last few years, and gives us the lowdown on what they’re all about.


Armin Van Buuren at Madison Square Garden

This is one of my all-time favorite photos for two reasons. One, I was able to capture Armin’s iconic pose with fireworks blasting in front of him. Two, I was able to do this in Madison Square Garden.


Armin Van Buuren at Madison Square Garden

This shows what it looks like when the world’s number one DJ headlines the world’s most famous arena. I’ll never get tired of seeing those lazers spreading out across the MSG crowd.


Congorock at Governors Island

Photographing a DJ performing during sunset at Governors Island in NYC is probably one of the most enjoyable and dynamic visual experiences ever. The natural light is some of the best I have ever seen.


Cosmic Gate at SoundGarden Hall

I love the colors, the action, and the fans’ perspective in this photo showcasing Cosmic Gate performing in Philadelphia.


Electric Zoo

Ever wonder what a festival crowd looks like from above, looking straight down? I love the perspective of this shot.


Dash Berlin at Electric Zoo

This was one of my favorite photos last year because it was timed perfectly as Dash Berlin jumped off the DJ booth at Electric Zoo. I saw him do it earlier in the show, so I wanted to be at the right place at the right time when he climbed up there again.


Tritonal and Ferry Corsten at Echostage

I included this because I love the raw interaction between Chad (from Tritonal) and Ferry Corsten at Echostage in DC. As soon as I saw Chad put his phone up to snap a pic, I knew it was the shot I wanted.


Krewella at Echostage

The colors in this photo are peaceful but the music and energy from Krewella raging at Echostage was intense. I love the combination.


ASOT600 at Ultra Music Festival

I love this shot because it shows a massive crowd in the ASOT600 tent at Ultra with one girl holding up a sign that seemed to matter most that Sunday afternoon.


Dash Berlin at Ultra Music Festival

I included this one because Dash Berlin is truly one of my favorite artists to photograph because he interacts so much with the crowd. Even when it’s a stage as big as Ultra, Dash is communicating directly with his audience the whole time.