Depending on your entry point into dance music, the tracks showcased in the following piece will either wow you, confound you, or spark a whiff of pure ’90s nostalgia. Much to our pleasure, we’ll say, Vibe has gone ahead and assembled a 30-spot of must-hear dance tracks from the ’90s that really changed the game as we know it.

Believe it or not, before the current craze for it took hold, dance music managed to crack the mainstream/underground divide quite a few times in the past, particularly in the ’90s, when “electronica” stars Chemical Brothers were collaborating with Oasis’ Noel Gallagher and even Saturday Night Live was spoofing the club scene. With such a strong underground at the time, it was only natural that things would bubble up above ground, producing both credible and throwaway tunes that would come to define the era, from everyone from The Prodigy and Artful Dodger to Corona and Alice Deejay. So check out 30 of those now-classic jams right here and pick up a few of them below from Beatport.