Well, we had some fun wondering what, exactly, got DJ Shadow booted from the booth at Mansion Miami last week, and now the man’s vowed to release the set on SoundCloud… so consider us waiting patiently. In other chatter, we’ve got some sweet gift ideas, Fabric news, and the breakdown of one of the oddest dances to hit the floor of late.

– Looking for a cool little piece of gear for a holiday gift? The Pokketmixer is a handy, battery-free, plug-and-play two-channel mixer that fits in the palm of your hand. (full story)

– If you haven’t heard of foot-shuffling (as a dance craze, that is), then you should check out this full dissection of the dance that’s pissing off Londoners here: (full story)

– Remember a couple days back when DJ Shadow was unceremoniously ousted from the decks in Miami? Well, he’s vowed to put that set up online soon, so you can hear just how “future” it was. (full story)

– Another gift option? The Deadmau5 Portable Speaker, which, despite its really tiny stature, packs some surprising punch. (full story)

– FACT reports that London mega-club Fabric is set to launch another label, Houndstooth, helmed by A&R Rob Booth of the Electronic Explorations label. (full story)