If you’re still fiending for Daft Punk news—and we know you are—today’s a pretty big day. Not only have the pair spoken at length with GQ magazine, but they’ve also released another video in their collaborators series with DJ Falcon.

In the interview with GQ, Daft Punk discuss making good music 20 years after they started, and how, at this age, their new album is “supposed to really suck,” says Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. “The thing we can ask ourselves at some point is like: We’re making music for twenty years. How many bands and acts do you have that are still making good music after twenty years? It always sucks—almost always, you know?” says Thomas Bangalter.

Over on The Creators Project’s YouTube channel, the DP camp has released its latest video interview, this time with DJ Falcon, one of the duo’s very early studio partners and friends. This clip is packed with history from the French house scene, including lots of old footage of Bangalter and de Homem-Christo rocking out at early gigs. Check it out below, and listen to a (very) early version of their DJ Falcon collaboration, “Contact,” here.