One person remains in critical condition after being shot at Circo Loco on Saturday night. Read more about it after the jump.

– First up, fans of avant ’70s jazz and Theo Parrish will be pretty damn stoked on this mix: an exclusive set of the Detroit house legend assembling his favorite tunes from the Black Jazz catalog. (full story)

– A man remains in critical condition after being shot at Birmingham, UK’s Circo Loco event at the Rainbow Warehouse on Saturday night. The Sunday portion of the event was immediately cancelled. (full story)

– If you caught Major Lazer’s super-awkward Lollapalooza interview from last week—and laughed—then you may enjoy this list of hilarious dance-music interviews. Peep a couple below and then check out the rest right here: (full story)

– While we’re on the topic of Diplo, what would it look like if he and Beyoncé were the same person? Answer: screepy. (full story)

– Fans of “The Giver” and “Need U” will want to check out this little tag-along film of London house maestro Duke Dumont making his way through Barcelona and playing gigs at a castle and with friends from Hot Chip.

– Fred P takes a cruise through Germany in the back of a convertible in his new video for “Moving Systems.”

– The new Chuckie track, “Makin’ Papers,” kinda blaps! But that’s what happens when you get Lupe Fiasco and $hort Dawg on your track.

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