Well, in honor of Atari’s 40th birthday, we’ve got a slew of special tech features in today’s Morning Roundup—plus, your usual dose of music news and videos. So step right up.

– We’ve been big fans of the producer known as Julio Bashmore (hard J sound, not like Iglesias, if you were wondering) long before his “Au Seve” climbed Beatport’s Top 100 earlier this year. And we’re psyched to reveal that he’s got a video for the equally hard-hitting “Husk,” which drops digitally on December 2nd. Check it below.

– Ever wondered who picks the music you hear when you’re out shopping at the mall? Or how an artist gets a song in a Blackberry ad? NPR investigates the wonderful world of music supervision and licensing. (full story)

– If you love Skrillex (and who doesn’t?), and if you love fantasy/quest-based videogames, you’re probably gonna dig Skrillex Quest, Sonny Moore’s new web-based videogame. (full story)

– Oh, and while we’re on the topic of gaming, today is the 40th birthday of Atari, one of electronic music’s most tried-and-true influences. (full story)

– Curious as to the identity of that shady rapper Captain Murphy on the Flying Lotus track “Between Friends”? Well, it’s not a rumored-to-be member of OFWGKTA—it’s FlyLo himself. (full story)

– Junkie XL, who recently returned to the LP world with Synthesized this week, will be broadcasting live via Ustream today, commenting on his ADE performance, and answering fans’ questions. Tune in today at 12:00 PM PST. (full story)

– The tech gurus at Create Digital Music take a look at Reaktor 5.8—and how to control Reaktor-built sound creations with Touch. (full story)

– And how did Sasha get those hot-ass synths on his remix of Hot Chip’s “Flutes”? Mixmag spells it all out here in their new how-to video series.