Of the many great things that Omar-S has mastered, breaking new acts through his inimitable FXHE imprint has been one of the most notable: the likes of Luke Hess, Jason Fine, Kyle Hall, and Big Strick were all given a big boost early in their careers via FXHE’s lo-fi hotcakes. Aaron “FIT” Siegel was the most recent name added to that list last year with the massive hit “Tonite.” It’s an instantly memorable, all-out and unbridled celebration of classic house music, with the Detroit Mix in particular causing peak-time damage with squawking horns, thundering pianos, and a one-word singalong. Returning with his new eponymous label, Fit Sound, Aaron “FIT” Siegel offers a glimpse into the genesis of “Tonite,” with an early sketch of the track that is enhanced with Omar-S’s studio wizardy.

“Tonite (DD Mix)” is based off the earliest instrumental version of the track, and it treads a much gentler path of misty chords and chiming melodies, with L’Renee’s vocals all isolated and echoing. This version of the track, along with the EP’s uplifting OG Refit, adds distinctly new and different shades to one of the most familiar tunes of the last year.