German producer SIS (aka Burak Sar) has maintained a rather laid-back release schedule for his own Cocolino label over the past couple years, but with his new LP, Confidance, he really comes out swinging. Flourishes of his Turkish heritage are reflected in Confidance‘s nine tech-house grooves, but it’s the snaking beats and rhythms that propel each track forward. Of course, SIS does his fair share of propelling dancefloors forward every weekend as well, so, on the occasion of his new album, we got him to turn us on to a few tracks he’s caning at clubs. Check them out.

Not really a weapon for the floor, but rather a weapon for the mind. Gustavo S is a genius. If I could work with him, even for just one day, I’d die a happy man. This song is so moving, I’m honestly in awe of it.

This track is taken from my new album, Confidance. It’s trippy and hypnotic but also quite simple. I love the guitar on it, and it usually turns the dancefloors that I play for into one hot beautiful mess.

This cut stinks of a lazy summer day in Ibiza by the pool with sexy girls and mojitos! I think I might drop this one early on in my Circle sets in Ibiza this summer. Circle is my new monthly free Sunday daytime party at Hotel Santos in Playa d’en Bossa.

“Messara” is one of the more magical tracks on my album. It came about after I discovered the joys of playing with hang drums. When I drop “Messara” at parties, it sounds a bit like we’re dancing in heaven.

As well as sunny house beats, I love to play this kind of trippy house music, which causes house heads to smile. No matter where you drop this track—in Moscow at -24, or on a hot Barcelona beach—people will smile.

This was the first track that I ever heard from Lucien. I didn’t recognize the artist name at the time, but the moment I heard the track, I just fell in love with him as an artist. This is beautiful dance music, straight from the heart.

This is one of the big vocal records from Confidance. I wanted to create a deep, tribal feel with “Morab” and when I play this track in clubs, honestly, people go fucking crazy.

I’ve been closing my sets quite a bit with this track, for fun. I think there is no better way to tell a crowd that you already miss them.