We’ve got a few doozies to take you into the weekend in today’s roundup. First, the Liechtensteinian guy who trolled the Grammys opens up to Vice (and naturally the Twitter world is all, um, a-twitter about it). But our new favorite thing on the internet is the amazing promotional video made by Tiesto’s biggest fan in Chicago. Click on through to check out some real Friday fun.

– Firstly, now that that the world knows who Al Walser is, they’re even more riveted to find out how the unknown-until-yesterday producer nabbed a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording. Today he explains, at least in some detail, how he did it. (full story)

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– Of course, the Twitterverse has weighed in heavily on the topic as well. Morgan Page: “Please tell me this is Borat.” (full story)

– We can’t tell if this is the greatest viral-marketing campaign ever, or if this guy is really just the “greatest Tiesto fan in Chicago” working pro bono, but you definitely do not want to miss this hilariously odd amateur promotional video (shot in a Walgreens parking lot) for the Dutch trancemaster. Personally, we think the dude should be driving a Volvo (and not an Acura), but then again, this whole thing is sorta top-to-bottom weird.

– London’s Wiggle party comes of age, and the Sun gets the lowdown from founders Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, and “Evil” Eddie Richards. (full story)

– It may seem like a really hard thing to enforce, but all the same, Cuba plans to ban reggaeton from the island nation—and punish those who play, perform, or promote it. (full story)

– Did you know Diplo has ghost-written music for Chris Brown? He and a few others discuss the touchy topic in this piece derived from a panel discussion at the recent Electronic Music Conference in Australia. (full story)

– And to round it out today, Berlin-via-Windsor, Canada, producer Marc Houle tells Magnetic the whole story of how his music career came to be. (full story)