It’s been seven years today since Burial released his debut self-titled full length album on Hyperdub. And while it wasn’t what you’d call an immediate hit, it set off one of the most pivotal reactions in the hardcore continuum—and of course has inspired hordes of half-baked imitators. But all the same, what Burial let loose with on May 15, 2006 has changed modern music for the better, and he’s done so in near secrecy.

Just prior to its release, Blackdown (aka Martin Clark) spoke with whoever that man behind the curtain is about, well, who he is, where he came from, and what inspired his still-fresh garage-influenced beats. Here’s a little taster of how the interview took shape:

Martin: So for the record, I’d first like to ask you to state: are you Basic Channel…?

Burial: No.

M: … Kode 9?

B: No.

M: … The Bug?

B: I’m not The Bug.

Read the interview in its entirety here.