There’s something violently satisfying about standing in front of speaker stacks taller than a vending machine and subjecting yourself to the waves of devastating frequencies. Bass music in all of its available flavors has been aided by the use of the intestine-twisting forces of pure sub-bass for quite some time. Even strictly headphone users find joy with the deep tickle they feel as low-frequency vibrations test the strength of their tympanic membrane. One of the purest tributes to the use of sub-bass is in that of roots-style dubstep production. On London dubstep producer Seven’s new label, Uprise Audio, his latest contribution to sound pressure comes from fellow Londoner Asylum with his latest EP, Blindfold.

Taking extra care to make his release a solid one, Asylum even delivers quality on his b-side, “Salvage.” The relentless bombardment of sub frequencies carried by the timing of crisp drum work is pretty standard for the genre’s standard bearers, but “Salvage” veers fluidly from being one monotonous loop. Its progressive building and layering aided by effected delays and moments of stripped-down measures make it completely compelling.

“‘Salvage’ started out as a drum loop,” Asylum told us. “Many of my tracks tend to. I took some time making the vocal pad sound, and could hear it doing a sort of slow swell or rise at the end of every 16 bars, building and releasing tension as the tune progresses. I played around with it for a while and found the staccato effect, which comes in right at the end of each section. That’s when the tune started coming together. The title, ‘Salvage,’ despite its deep-space, sci-fi connotations, is actually a reference to an ex-girlfriend and a relationship I was trying to salvage!” Check out the track up top.